Happy Kids Kållered’s Charity week

Happy Kids are having our annual Charity week in week 37. During this week the children together with their teachers, will be raising money for Action Aid. Please read more about this organization on their website: http://www.actionaid.org/ Charity week is an important corner stone of our work with supporting our preschoolers to become reflective and caring young citizens. The curriculum states “The preschool should strive to ensure that each child develops the ability to take account of and empathize with the situation of others, as well as a willingness to help others”.

Throughout the week, we will be busy making crafts and baking delicious treats. If you have any clothes/toys/items that you would like to donate, please send it in during this week and leave it with the Sea Lions who will be having a “Loppis”(Flea market)

On the Wednesday 9th September Sea Lions will be having their drop in Fika – Loppis (Cafe and Flea market) at the foyer of the school. It will run between 14:00-16:30, Feel free to drop in for a snack and have a look at the items on display. You will also be able to give a donation for the children’s crafts and artwork.

On Thursday the 10th September, we will have a drop in “fika” and craft donation drive in the Foyer for the Sea Horses between 14:00-16:30 and in the Sea Stars room between 14:00-16:30 as well. Feel free to come by and meet with staff, look at your child’s craft work and have a coffee with us. We will be having donation boxes around so that you can leave your contribution for Action Aid.

We look forward to having a fun and enriching week!

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