Happy Kids Kungsbacka

The purpose of Happy Kids is to give children aged one to six years an opportunity to explore both Swedish and English in their everyday life. Each group has both Swedish speaking and English speaking teachers, so the children in a natural way are exposed to equal amounts of both languages. The children learn the languages through play, songs, stories and rhymes. In our experience children quickly learn to understand both languages, even though they often choose to speak only one of them.

We integrate and interact with ”the grown-up world” and want our preschool in Kungsbacka to be an important part of the local community. We are regular visitors in to the town and the surrounding nature and we see the whole of Kungsbacka and beyond as our classroom and playground.

All children are welcome at Happy Kids. We have children with many different backgrounds and languages, we want the children to develop an understanding of ethnic diversity and tolerance. Children, parents and teachers share their traditions and together we celebrate many festivals from all over the world. At Happy Kids, Halloween and the Chinese New Year are just as important as the Swedish Midsummer.