Giving our yard a lift!

At Happy Kids Kållered we are fortunate to have a large yard with room for a lot of children and lot of activities. This, combined with that we live right next door to the fabulous forest gives us the privilege of being able to spend a lot of time outdoors and we think that’s a lot of fun.

As many of you know, we have for a long time been looking at ways to improve our yard and we are now happy to announce that the work will soon be started.

After having been in contact with several companies, we are now very pleased to announce that we have chosen to work with a company called Föreskoleservice. Together we have developed a plan that we think will be suitable for Happy Kids and our children and teachers.

We have chosen to work with several different materials to finally have a yard that will let the children work with their senses while developing their imagination. Some of the guidelines we’ve worked with is that the yard should invite several types of play and be stimulating for children of different ages.

Some of the things we have decided upon are a play castle, water area and experimental table. These things combined with the rest of the products we have ordered we hope will give both children and teachers a yard that invites lot of play, exploration and memorable moments outdoors. More information about the company we are working with can be found here.

Work on the yard will begin on 7th June and work is expected to take three days. During these days the yard will need to be kept completely closed. Once completed we hope to have a new yard to explore together and we are confident that we have lots of exciting moments to look forward to.